I have supervised the following PhD students:


Harm-Jan Boonstra

Title Ph.D. thesis: Symmetries in String Theory (June 1996), see

Present status: permanent position at the CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek)


Bert Janssen

Title Ph.D. thesis: Dualities of Strings and Branes (June 1998), see 

Present status: permanent research position at the University of Granada (Spain), see


Eduardo Eyras

Title Ph.D. thesis: Brane Dynamics in Diverse Backgrounds (June 1999), thesis not available, for list of publications, see

Present status: permanent research position at the Biomedical Informatics Research Lab of the IMIM - Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (Spain),  see


Jan Pieter van der Schaar

Title Ph.D. thesis: String Theory Limits and Dualities (June 2000), see

Present status: permanent research position at the University of Amsterdam,  see


Rein Halbersma

Title Ph.D. thesis: Geometry of Strings and Branes (June 2002), see

Present status: permanent position at APE, Public Economics BV


Tim de Wit

Title Ph.D. thesis: Domain-Walls and Gauged Supergravities (October 2003), see

Present status: researcher at the Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, see


Diederik Roest, cum laude

Title Ph.D. thesis: M-theory and Gauged Supergravities (June 2004), see

Present status: assistant professor at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands),  see


Andres Collinucci

Title Ph.D. thesis: Instantons and Cosmologies in String Theory (October 2005), see

Present status: permanent staff member at the University of Bruxelles (Belgium) 


Thomas Van Riet

Title Ph.D. thesis: Cosmic Acceleration in Kaluza- Klein Supergravity (September 2007), see

Present status: permanent research position at the University of Leuven (Belgium)


André Ploegh

Title Ph.D. thesis: Particle Dynamics of Branes (May 2008), see

Present status: permanent position in banking


Jelle Hartong

Title Ph.D. thesis: Seven-Branes and Instantons in Type IIB Supergravity (September 2008), see

Present status: Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


Teake Nutma

Title Ph.D. thesis: Kac-Moody Symmetries and Gauged Supergravity (September 2010), see

Present status: ICT Developer, Leiden Observatory, Leiden (The Netherlands)


Yihao Yin

Title Ph.D. thesis: Extensions of Three-Dimensional Higher-Derivative Gravity (October 2013), see

Present status: postdoctoral fellow at the Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello, Santiago (Chile)


Wout Merbis, cum laude

Title Ph.D. thesis: 3D Chern-Simons like Gravity (September 2014), see

Present status: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena, University of Amsterdam


Sjoerd de Haan  

Title Ph.D. thesis: Models of Massive Gravity in Three Dimensions (October 2014)

Present status: Freelance R&D developer


Lorena Parra Rodríguez

Title Ph.D. thesis: Extensions and Limits of Gravity in Three Dimensions (October 2015)

Present status: position at the Instituto Nacional de Geriatría, Mexico City (Mexico)


Thomas Zojer

Title Ph.D. thesis: Non-relativistic supergravity in three space-time dimensions (January 2016), see

Present status: Credit Risk Manager at ING Bank, Amsterdam


Victor Penas

Title Ph.D. thesis: Properties of Double Field Theory (June 2016), see

Present status: Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centro Atómico Bariloche, Bariloche (Argentina)


Roel Andringa

Title Ph.D. thesis: Newton-Cartan gravity revisited (September 2016), see

Present status: physics teacher


Gokhan Alkac

Title PhD thesis: Supersymmetry, Black Holes and Holography in Three Dimensions (October 2017), see

Present status: Assistant Professor at Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey)


Luca Basanisi

Title PhD thesis: Higher Derivative Gravity and Holography (November 2017), see

Present status: Lead Data Scientist at Nielsen, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


Marija Kovacevic

Title PhD thesis: Aspects of Three-dimensional Gravity (December 2017), see

Present status: Model Validator at ABN AMRO Bank, Amsterdam

23.   Ceyda Simsek

PhD thesis expected in 2022

24.   Johannes Lahnsteiner

PhD thesis expected in 2022

24.   Kevin van Helden

PhD thesis expected in 2024

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